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Fuel up fully, naturally, happily.

Eveva makes it easy for you to enjoy gorgeously nutritious food in convenient, on-the-go servings. The completely natural fruits and vegetables in our three nutrition supplement products—Food Fix, Fruit Fix and Green Fix—support all the smart things you do to feel and look great with bags of omega-3, folate, protein, vitamin C, and many more nourishing goodies. We believe everyone can reach their full potential for well-being naturally by getting the right amount of fruit and veg every day.

This means you!

The Naked Truth


Our products have nothing to hide. In fact, all of our fruit and veg are naked.

No extracts, icky artificial sweeteners, or artificial anything on them.

Daring? Maybe. Wholesome? Definitely.

Fruit Fix

Get all-day energy from real fruits in their birthday suits. 1 Sachet. 16 fruits. Triple your RDI of Vitamin C, from 100% actual fruit cultivated with eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Food Fix

Don’t go hungry; go for the real thing. Food Fix gives you a massive 2g of omega-3 in every serving and is a good source of protein + folate + dietary fibre + vitamins A, C and B12.

Green Fix

Eat 14 greens in less than a minute, surprisingly ick-free. Enjoy the natural-born nourishment of real broccoli, cabbage, kale and more green goodness in every serving.

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We have made it our mission to produce honestly nutritious food that can help busy, active people maintain optimal energy and health

— Matt Brown, Co-Founder —


Traditional wisdom of the east meets the best of the west in Eveva. We believe great ideas travel well. Come with us!

How does Eveva bring you the best freshness, nutrient count, and flavour a food supplement can possibly hold? Matt Brown and Curtis Browning, co-founders of Eveva, share the many influences that go into Eveva goodness.

Who are we anyway?

Meet The Eveva Team

Matt Brown


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Matt Brown

Curtis Browning


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Curtis Browning

“Curtis and I have made it our mission to produce honestly nutritious food that can help busy, active people maintain optimal energy and health. I travel widely, for work and adventure, and natural, wholesome, portable sources of nutrition are much harder to find than they should be.”

“It was on a trip to China that I met some traditional Chinese medicine experts who opened my eyes to the possibilities of producing natural food supplements that could truly support healing, energy, and nutrition. When I got home, I ended up talking to Curtis about it, and he was well excited to take on the project with me.”

“We’re both very keen to promote sustainable development. I’ve just completed a Masters of Environmental Management to help maintain and improve that focus for Eveva, ‘from dirt to distribution.’ Our sustainability focus has led us to source our ingredients in the USA, then formulate and package Eveva products in Malaysia for the time being. The traditional Chinese medicine experts who inspired me are now in Malaysia, so we’re learning what we need to do from them on the ground, so to speak.”

“I’ve traveled all over in search of the most effective concepts, foods, and production capabilities: China, the USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Cuba, South Africa, and all throughout Europe. So in a way there’s a little bit of everywhere in Eveva.”

“On my travels I began to realise there’s a huge lack of convenient, truly natural options to maintain health. I believe synthetic flavours and supplements actually cause many of the common health problems we deal with today. The urgency to reverse this trend is becoming even greater as the developing world moves up the food chain.”


“The whole need for Eveva is something I related to on an everyday level. I’m a member of the QLD Reds rugby team, and I have had the honor to captain the Australian Junior World Championships Side in 2013 after taking part in the 2012 side. It’s unbelievably tough to prepare healthy, natural meals that will give rugby players all the energy we need. It’s too easy to reach for snacks and supplements loaded with synthetics. We eat 5 meals a day packed with carbs and protein, but we’re not as good about getting in all the vegetables we should. We need those essential nutrients from fruit and veg to be at our best and not depleted for training or games.”

“When Matt approached me about Eveva, I was studying Economics at Queensland University. Helping to launch a business that can support good health and active lifestyles combines both my main interests in one. It was also easy to see how truly natural foods produced the right way could appeal to many active people, not just ravenous packs of rugby players!”

“It’s so important to deliver on every promise we’re making, right from the start. We both believe that synthetic additives and unsustainable processes are causing untold havoc to everyone’s health and the environment—and the path to do better isn’t always the most obvious one.”

“I’m delighted to be involved in a product that makes nutrition simple and enjoyable for people from all walks of life. I’ve been lucky to combine my personal, academic and sporting interests in bringing Eveva to market, and I can’t wait to spread the good news about it to everyone.”


Our Fans

  • Thank you Eveva for making it easier to give my family what they need. I am a busy mother of two very active children and run my own business. I love the convenience of having Fruit Fix at my fingertips for extra energy and nutrition in addition to our meals. Most of all we love the flavours!

    — Kirstie Zillman, Brisbane, Australia —
  • When my baby turned 1 year old, I started her (and myself) on a plant-based diet. During that time, I was frequently worried whether she was getting sufficient nutrition since it was a critical growth and development stage for her. Eveva’s Fruit Fix and Food Fix make all the difference.

    — Chui Mei Chow, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia —
  • I choose Eveva’s products because I know the ingredients are all natural, healthy and provide me with the right fuel to train and perform at an elite level. It is also gentle enough on your stomach to be able to train and race on.

    — Lyndsie Fogarty, Olympic Bronze Medalist —
  • Food Fix definitely helps control my appetite, I eat some every day.
    If I don’t have it I miss it; it makes me feel loads more satisfied.

    — Karen Langmann, Cape Town, South Africa —
  • Food Fix is handy for when I am in a hurry or to take with me when I’m going out—then I don’t give in to eating rubbish!
    It tastes very good, even my difficult-to-please husband likes the taste.

    — Slava Marrick, Sydney Australia —

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